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Somnath - Hindu Temple in India

Somnath – one of the twelve Jyotirlings are located at the western of India. Nearest somnath veraval is just 5km from Somnath. Somnath is wonderful place to visit. Temple almost on the bank of sea and got museum they have displayed all the old pictures of temple.
one of the few temples of Lord Shiva where we see lot of gold at the background of the symbol of lord shiva and also Golden ‘ Trishul ‘ the sastra or weapon of Lord Shiva has been installed on to top of main temple dom. Sightseeing in Somnath includes visiting Somnath Temple, Bhalka Trith, Triveni Ghat, Gita Mandir,Rudresvara Temple, among other interesting places to see. Somnath temple has good architecture. Sangam of three rivers Saraswati, Kapil and Hiran is Triveni Ghat.
Accommodation is not big problem because many dharmshala and hotels in Somnath are available near Somnath Temple. Most happening place in Somnath is the beach next to the Somnath Temple. This beach is clean and the water is really furious. Guest houses, budget hotels and luxury Somnath hotels are present at the beach. So tourist stays there and enjoy. Tourist can spend all day just walk on the beach and looking at the beautiful ocean. Hotel Somnath offers good hospitality and also provides Gujarati food. Somnath is connected to various cities in Gujarat.

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